About Supportive Employers

Becoming a Supportive Employer means you become part of a group of organisations offering their support to our Reservists. And our Reservists will thank you - whether they work for you now or hope to in future.

We are contacting employers across Australia, asking them to publicly pledge their support for Reservists by endorsing the statement opposite. We are asking you to recognise the personal sacrifice and commitment involved in this extremely challenging and critical role, just as we hope you appreciate the extra skills, experience and maturity that service in the Reserve provides any Reservists you employ.

You may not currently employ Reservists, or if you do, you may not know them personally. You may have no personal experience of the military or knowledge of how they currently operate. However, none of this should matter.

We are asking you to support an overarching principle - that Reservists should have the backing of their civilian employers. Companies and organisations of all sizes have already joined this campaign.

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  1. Fill out the employer support form.
  2. Send the form to us
  3. We'll contact you to talk about what it means for you, including how to develop a leave policy for your Reservists.
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How you benefit

You don't have to employ a Reservist to become a Supportive Employer. But if you do sign up and employ a Reservist, we know you will support Reservists when they're called for service.
What you get:

Last update: Thursday, 12 November 2015