Healthcare & related support

Have you become ill / injured while on Reservist duty? (Either on Continuous Full Time Service (CFTS) or on your usual duties.)

Follow these steps for the best possible outcome:

Steps after your injury / illness

Step 1

  1. Get to a military health professional (at your closest Defence medical centre) for treatment as soon as possible.*
  2. Make sure the health professional records your injury / illness on a 'PM105 - Outpatient Clinical Record' and adds it to your medical records.
  3. Ask for a copy for your records (if you want one).

Health facility examples ‒ a Regimental Aid Post (RAP) or Area Health Centre.

*This is under the provisions of DI (G) PERS 16-1 Health Care for ADF Personnel, Paragraph 9.

Step 2

  1. Complete an 'AC563 - Defence OHS Incident Report' as soon as possible.

    This supports the PM105. It will have comments from the chain of command and Unit occupational health and safety representative on it.

    (Note: You can find the incident report on the Defence Restricted Network under 'Web Forms'.)

  2. When you complete the form, make a copy of it for your own records (this is important in case you misplace the original).

Step 3

  1. Apply for the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) to accept liability of the injury or illness.

    Once the Department accepts liability, they'll pay for any more medical treatments.

Note: Your Commanding Officer can approve more Reserve days during your injury / illness until the Department decides on your claim (this is under the provisions of PACMAN Clause 3.2.13).

Get the following application forms

  • D2049 - Injury or Disease Details Sheet
  • D2051 - Claim for Liability and/or Reassessment of Compensation

Step 4

  1. After the Department processes your claim form, you get Defence Health Service care.

    You get this until the Department completes your transfer into the military compensation system.*

You can access this health care whether you're on or off duty.

*This is under the 'Defence Instruction (General) Personnel 16-1, sub-paragraph 9a'.

If you're in hospital

If you're in hospital beyond your Reserve service period, you can continue to get Reserve pay until you're released from hospital.

Your employer may also be eligible to receive ESPS payments.

Injury or Illness claims

Refused claim

If you have the correct paperwork, a Defence medical centre can't refuse to treat you.

If they do, quote the following:

The DHS is required to provide the following health care for Reserve members serving on other than CFTS:

a)    Reservists will receive health care for injury or illness resulting from their Defence service until the transfer of the member into the military compensation system, administered by the DVA, is completed.

From: Defence Instruction (General) Personnel 16-1, paragraph 9

If they still refuse to treat you, contact your Senior Medical Officer (SMO) through your chain of command for advice.

If you're still refused treatment, you can submit a AD841 - Redress of Grievance through your unit. 

(Note: You can find the incident report on the Defence Restricted Network under 'Web Forms'.)

Get help

Reserve Assistance Program

Life challenges are indiscriminate and broad ranging.

HELP IS AVAILABLE to address service-related or personal challenges that can impact on service.

Reservists and their families can ACCESS THE RESERVE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM ON 1300 361 008 for confidential, independent, cost free counselling.

The Reserve Assistance Program is a pilot initiative concluding on 30 Jun 2016. 

Veterans: you may be eligible for alternative support through Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service 1800 011 046.

DVA On Base Advisory Services (OBAS) Schedule

The On Base Advisory Service (OBAS) is a national service provided by specially trained DVA staff who visit regularly and routinely over 44 bases around Australia. The On Base Advisors can help ADF serving members and those who have recently separated find out about DVA services, including compensation, health services, rehabilitation and support. To find out more please visit Dept of Veterans' Affairs On Base Advisory Services (OBAS) Schedule.

Directorate of ADF Rehabilitation and Compensation

The Directorate of ADF Rehabilitation and Compensation (DRC) is responsible to the Commander Joint Health Services (CJHLTH) and the Service Chiefs for overseeing the effective and efficient coordination and delivery of three inter-related programs.

Returned Services League

13 37 75

They can help you complete the forms to send to the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). (This is a free service.)

Regular Defence Force Welfare Association

(02) 6265 9530

Forms to download

Visit the DVA website.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Get forms from DVA's form system.

DVA forms

Talk to your local representative from the DVA.

Phone: 13 32 54

Regional callers: 1800 555 254


Last update: Monday, 16 May 2016