Clear Vision for ACT - Mar 2017

New Chair has Clear Vision for ACT & SE NSW DRSC

FLTLT Nick O'Connor interviews recently appointed ACT & SE NSW DRSC Chair Anne Lyons in a bid to get a better understanding of her aspirations for the Council during her leadership.

As recently appointed Chair, what contribution and what do you hope to be the major achievements of the ACT & SE NSW DRSC during your time leading the Council?

I hope to build the Supportive Employer base in ACT and SE NSW, an area which covers Canberra, across to Wollongong and then south and west as far as Albury, as well as grow a higher profile and understanding among employers, and the wider community, of the benefit of employing a Reservist, and also acknowledge and highlight employersí roles in contributing to the defence and security of Australia. It's about the gains all round ñ for the employer, the Reservist, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and ultimately Australia.

How long have you been on the Council for and what prompted you to take on the leadership position?

I have been on the ACT & SE NSW DRSC since July 2016 and became chair in October, taking over from Philip Moss, who was recently appointed Senior Member on the Defence Reserves Support National Council. I have big shoes to fill, but I am looking forward to the challenge and have already experienced first-hand the work Reservists do, and met a number of enthusiastic employers who benefit from and support our Reservists.

What has been a highlight for you during your time on the ACT & SE NSW DRSC

I was fortunate to be part of the 2017 Boss Lift to Malaysia in January, where we travelled on a C17 to Rifle Company Butterworth and saw and experienced what Reservists do in the field, and was impressed with the calibre of the people I met, the wide variety of professions they came from, and the many and varied employers who travelled to see and experience their Reservists in action - from a small three-person heavy machinery repair business in Dubbo to head of the NSW Corrective Services. From my perspective, if we could bottle the Boss Lift experience in some small way we would be on a winner! We would have employers jumping over themselves to employ a Reservist. Our Boss Lift employers saw first-hand in the Malaysian jungle the intense training Reservists
undertake, as well as the results - leadership, teamwork, ability to manage competing demands and diverse teams, and make decisions in adverse, trying and unexpected circumstances, all of which are gold to any employer.

Tell us about your civilian career, what sparked your interest in DRSC?

I am currently Assistant Director-General of the National Archives of Australia managing ICT and government information policy and have both worked with and managed Reservists here and in my previous role with the Australian Federal Police. I have previously served on not for profit boards and when approached to be on the ACT & SE NSW DRSC it was the logical next step for me - a position where I can use my skills and contribute in my own way to support Reservists and their employers, and the broader Australian community.

DRSC ACT & SE NSW State Chair Ms Anne Lyons, receiving instruction for use of a  84mm Carl Gustaf at Exercise Boss Lift at Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia
DRSC ACT & SE NSW State Chair Ms Anne Lyons, receiving instruction for use of a 84mm Carl Gustaf at Exercise Boss Lift at Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia

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