Exercise Boss Lift - Jan 2017

Exercise Boss Lift 2017 to Rifle Company Butterworth

Last month, 19 executives and small business owners from across the ACT, NSW and southern Queensland took part in Exercise Boss Lift at Rifle Company Butterworth to experience the training their civilian employees undertake in the Army Reserve.

Loaded into the back of a Royal Australian Air Force C17 Globemaster III and dropped into Malaysia’s Butterworth Air Force Base on Monday, they started the first leg of their journey.

Head Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division, Rear Admiral Bruce Kafer said Boss Lift participants gain a deeper understanding of the skills and capabilities that Reservists bring back to the civilian workforce.

“The exercise helps employers see the value in releasing their staff for training and operational service, as a crucial role in the Reserve’s ability to deliver relevant capability to Defence.”

Whilst in Malaysia NSW Police Sergeant Rob Stratton said he noticed a positive change in his Senior Constable Steven Brien’s attitude during Steven’s time serving with Rifle Company Butterworth as an Army Reservist.

“Steven is not the same person I farewelled two months ago. I can sense his increased motivation and see the results of his Army training in leadership and teamwork,” Sergeant Stratton said.

 170111- Boss Lift - Rifle Company Butterworth - Employer Firing Minimi

Small business owner Wally Irving, Director of WKI Earth Moving Repairs based in Dubbo NSW, arrived in Butterworth, excited to visit  his mechanic Bryan McFawn who was deployed in November.

“When we landed in Malaysia, I saw Brian relishing his experience. He has been a Reservist since he was 16 so this is a real passion for him. Brian’s additional skills are of real value to my business. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on Exercise Boss Lift. I am proud to be involved in the defence of Australia by supporting my Army Reserve employee.” said Wally Irving.

170111 - Boss Lift - Rifle Company Butterworth - Employer with a 84mm Carl Gustof

For more information on the benefits available to current and future employers of Defence Reservists, visit or call 1800 803 485.

Exercise Boss Lift 2017 imagery is available online at: https://images.defence.gov.au/S20170011

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Last update: Monday, 19 June 2017

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