Defence Reserves Support Council

The Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) is established to promote the benefits of Reserve service to employers and the community, and create an effective link between the community, employers, Reservists, the ADF, and all levels of government.

The mission of the DRSC is to establish and maintain a flexible and supportive partnership between Defence and the community, industry and employers to sustain and enhance the availability of the Reserve component of the ADF.

At its broadest level, the DRSC comprises a National Executive, State and Territory Chairs and the National Council. DRSC members are selected in recognition of their place in the community (including business) and their ability to advocate issues relating to the interactions between employers, Reservists, and the community in general.

Roles and Responsibility of the DRSC

The role of the DRSC National Executive is to provide senior level advice to government and the ADF on matters affecting Reserve availability, including employer support. The Executive also provides leadership and guidance to the DRSC National Council and to the State and Territory Councils.

The role of the National Council is to provide advice on the development of broad policies and supportive programs, and on matters affecting employers with Reserve availability and service. Individual Council members are to promote the benefits of Reserve service within their own organisations and to bring to the Council’s attention specific issues that relate to this task. In particular, employer, government and industry group members are expected to work with their business colleagues/constituencies to encourage the adoption of Reserve supportive employer practices within the guidelines issued by Defence Reserves Support.

With the support of the DRSC, along with employers and the community the Reserve component is able to deliver effective capability in support of the nation and its interests.

National Council members

DRSC 05th May 2017 Group
Group Photo National Meeting 05 May 2017

 The List of DRSC Members can be found on the AUSGOV Boards website.

Last update: Thursday, 26 October 2017

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