What happens once an ESPS claim is submitted?

Upon receipt of an ESPS claim, an acknowledgement email is sent to the claimant’s nominated email address.

A second email will be sent to notify the claimant once the claim has progressed and assessment of the eligibility of the claim has commenced.

If any further information is required during the assessment phase, an email request detailing the required information/documentation and a due date for that information will be sent.

Finally, once the assessment is completed, the ESPS decision-maker will reach a determination and finalise the claim.

What if the claim is approved?

If an ESPS decision-maker approves the claim, a letter (or minute) will be provided to detail the decision and any associated financial outcome.

For approved ESPS claims where the Defence service has already been rendered, any associated payment will be loaded onto the Defence Pay System and processed into your nominated bank account shortly thereafter

For approved ESPS claims where the Defence service is ongoing (such as Continual Full-time Service or CFTS), an initial ESPS payment to the date the claim is finalised will be processed into your nominated bank account. The remaining approved ESPS payment balance will then be processed in arrears on a fortnightly basis.

NOTE: A remittance advice will be raised directly from Department of Treasury and Banking for each ESPS payment and provided to you by email.

Do I have to pass on these payments to my Reservist?

No. There are no conditions placed on the use ESPS payments. The payments are made to the business to assist in the costs associated with releasing the reservist to undertake Defence service. It is up to the business to determine how best to use the ESPS payments.

What if the claim is rejected?

Within seven days of the decision, you should be informed, in writing, that the claim has been refused. This advice should provide a statement of reasons for the refusal and advise you of your appeal options.

Are there any appeal options?

ESPS decision-maker

A claimant may request an ESPS decision-maker to review their decision within 30 days of receiving the notice of decision.

A request must be in writing, set out the reasons for requesting a review, and include any additional evidence to support this request.

Senior Review Officer

If the ESPS decision-maker upholds their decision, the claimant may then apply to the Service Senior Review Officer (appointed by a Service Chief) to review the claim.

A request must be in writing, set out the reasons for requesting a review, and include any additional evidence to support this request.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Review

A claimant may apply the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of a decision by a Senior Review Officer.

Ombudsman Appeal

An Employer may appeal to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

A self-employed Reservist may also appeal to the Defence Force Ombudsman.

Where can I get further information?

You can contact ESPS staff on 1800 DEFENCE or email

Alternatively, you can visit our Resource/Publication area to download a copy of the current legislation governing the ESPS.

For further information on Reserve Service Protection you can contact ESSP staff on 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) or email


Last update: Monday, 2 December 2019

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