Become a Supportive Employer

Becoming a Supportive Employer means you become part of a group of organisations offering their support to our Reservists.

And our Reservists will thank you - whether they work for you now or hope to in future.

How you benefit

You don't have to employ a Reservist to become a Supportive Employer. But if you do sign up and employ a Reservist, we know you will support Reservists when they're called for service.

What you get:

  • A great employee who brings their Reservist skills to your workplace.
  • A free listing as a Supportive Employer online and in our publications for everyone to see.
  • If eligible, financial support when a Reservist you employ is called for service.
  • Opportunities for first-hand experiences of Reservist training in an Australian Defence Force environment.
  • Ongoing support from Defence Reserves Support State and Territory offices.

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Privacy Statement

Defence collects the personal information requested on this form for the purpose of maintaining a database of supportive employers. The information requested is provided voluntarily, and is not required by or under any Australian law. The information will enable Defence to provide corporate information to the employers of Reserve members, including the promotion of events and the distribution of information relating to employers of members of the Reserves.

The personal information provided will from time to time be used to enable the Defence Reserve Support to perform its role of liaison between Defence and the employer. Defence will not disclose the personal information to any marketing organisation or overseas recipient.

For further information relating to Defence's privacy policy visit Complaints about the handling of your personal information can be submitted to Once received, your complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate area within Defence for action.

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Last update: Wednesday, 3 July 2019

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