CPL Riley recognised - Apr 2017

Reservist Awarded Australia Day Medallion

Soldiers like Corporal Timothy Riley are why Australians loves the Army Reserve (and why we in the ARes are proud to serve)...

Corporal Riley is a reservist in Charlie Company, 5/6 RVR (5th/6th Battalion, The Royal Victoria Regiment).

He was awarded the Australia Day Medallion for his outstanding service as an instructor on the Defence Work Experience Program and for his contribution to Charlie Company's charitable mess culture.

Day-to-day, Timothy is a shining example of physical fitness in the Army Reserve. In his civilian life, he is a qualified Personal Trainer who manages a successful business, Step into Life Elwood.

"Corporal Riley's experience as a physical trainer has been an asset to Charlie Company," says the Company's Officer Commanding, Major Andrew Leong.

"Like all soldiers in the Army Reserve, he draws on his skills and experiences from his civilian career and puts these to excellent use in the military environment. He has been a role model for many young people participating in the Defence Work Experience Program."

In addition to his current role as a Section Commander of a Rifle Section, Corporal Timothy Riley has been the driving force behind Charlie CompanyĆ­s strong mess culture, as the PMC (President of the Mess Committee).

"He has put in countless hours to bring to life the social activities of Charlie Company. In the last two years, he has really brought the Company together, also raising funds for support organisations like Soldier On Australia,"Major Leong said.

Charlie Company is a rifle company located right near the Sandringham Beach. The Company is keen to induct new members into their team.

Corporal Riley receives his Australia Day award from the Commanding Officer of the Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Joshua Jardine.

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Last update: Thursday, 3 August 2017

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