Employers get put through their paces: Bring a Boss ACT and South-East NSW

In late November, employers from organisations in the ACT and South-East NSW were put through their paces during a ‘Bring a Boss’ evening at the Royal Military College - Duntroon. During the evening the employers experienced similar training to that which their Reservist employees undergo as ADF Reservists.

Employers underwent an hour of training, before testing their skills in the Weapon Training Simulation System, where their Reservists eagerly mentored their bosses. The evening concluded with a discussion about the supportive employer program and the work of the Defence Reserves Support Council.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a lot about how the skills of Reservists translate to the workplace in a really positive way, such as the ability to stay calm under pressure and the ability to manage multiple high-priority tasks,” said Vanessa Beck from the Department of Human Services.

Bring a Boss nights are a unique opportunity for the employers of Defence Reservists to experience military training. They get a unique insight into the value of Reserve service, especially in terms of the skills, knowledge and attitudes that Reservists bring back to their civilian workplaces.


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Last update: Friday, 11 January 2019

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