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The day Naveen Took his Boss to Work

By Captain Lucy Saaroni
On a frosty Friday morning, ANZ employee Naveen Kumar invited his manager Zane Thompson into his other workplace – the Australian Army.

“Zane has always been supportive when I have taken time off for military duty. He was curious to know more about my work as an infantry soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, so I nominated him to take part in Exercise Executive Stretch,” Naveen said.

From camouflage gear, to first aid, learning weapons drills and eating from ration packs, Exercise Executive Stretch gave corporate executives like Zane a brief taste of life in the Army - to better understand the experiences of their employees who are also Australian Army Reserve soldiers.

ANZ employee Naveen Kumar in his other workplace – the Australian Army.
Private Naveen Took

“The Exercise gave me great insight into the training and skills that Naveen learns in the Army, which translate well into the corporate environment,” said Zane.

As an infantry soldier, Private Naveen Kumar is trained in patrolling, cordon and search, surveillance and infantry tactics. In addition to these skills, he must maintain a level of physical fitness and psychological resolve to be able to seek out enemy forces, seize and hold ground, repel attacks, by day or by night in potentially hostile environments.

“I’m glad that Zane has been able to see first-hand that many of the skills I gain as an Army Reservist are actually transferrable to the corporate environment,” Naveen said.

Reserve training includes the development of leadership, management and teamwork skills that are expected of managers and executives in the broader community.

These skill sets, says Naveen, contribute to his success as an ANZ case manager in small business recoveries, where he deals with a raft of stakeholders – from clients to solicitors and liquidators – in order to get the best outcome for the bank and its clients.

“When Nav returns from future Reserve service work, I will be interested to see how the skills he acquires on military duty can be utilised in our workplace going forward,”

More than 47,000 Reservists serve in the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force, making them a key contributor to Australia’s Defence capability. The ANZ Bank supports the Australian Defence Force, by supporting staff who are ADF Reservists.

"ANZ has workplace agreements, designated leave policies and a culture of encouragement and recognition for staff who provide service to the country," said Zane.

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Last update: Monday, 16 October 2017

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