Ex Executive Stretch WA - Jun 2017

Executive Weekend Shows the Importance of Reservists

Employers of Navy Reservists participating in Exercise Executive Stretch - held at HMAS Stirling - learned first-hand about Reservists’ invaluable skills.

The group were challenged with a variety of leadership and team-building exercises involving small arms firing, damage control including smoke chamber, fire-fighting and flooding.

The final day consisted of a long hike and tours of HMA Ships Sirius and Dechaineux.

Defence Reserves Support (Western Australia) State Manager Lieutenant Commander Simon Gourlay said that Defence Reservists made a commitment to train and serve in the defence and protection of Australia and in doing so receive a unique set of skills in return.

“Reserve training includes the development of leadership, management and teamwork skills that are expected of managers and executives in the broader community.

“Reservists also develop a number of personal skills including self-discipline, initiative, self-reliance and acceptance of responsibility that are that are attractive to civilian employers,” Lieutenant Commander Gourlay said.

Perth-based Qantas Operations Manager Murray Hawgood, who was among the participants at HMAS Stirling, said Exercise Executive Stretch was a rare opportunity to look behind the scenes at Navy and Defence.

"I could sense, particularly from those who were involved in something like this for the first time, how this exposure generated a greater understanding of what Navy and Defence are about, and the role of Reservists in the bigger picture today,” Mr Hawgood said.

“We could see the real dedication and commitment of all the Navy people, including those who were involved in organising this opportunity at HMAS Stirling,” he said.

Dr Lisa Cluett, Communications and Outreach Director of Perth USAsia Centre at the University of WA, said Exercise Executive Stretch provided exclusive insights into the skills and commitment shown by Navy Reservists.

"The program brought together people in leadership roles in the Perth community for a weekend to experience the near realities of Reserve military training," Dr Cluett said.

"I found it a privilege and a great way to show my support for Defence in general and the Reserves in particular."

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Last update: Wednesday, 9 August 2017

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