HMAS Adelaide Visit – ‘Business on board’

Brisbane was abuzz with excitement as HMAS Adelaide and USS Ronald Reagan steamed into the city for a short break on the way to the multi-national Exercise Talisman Sabre.

Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) and its QLD Chair, Ms Jennifer Robertson, hosted a private tour of HMAS Adelaide while alongside for a number of Brisbane’s business leaders who support employees serving in the Australian Defence Force.

“Reservists play a critical role in the defence and security of our great country and the support of the community, industry and employers ensures the success of Defence Forces important missions,” she said.

“It is with great pride that I ask you to join me today and take part in a tour which few civilians ever get to experience, to see firsthand the varied roles and significant responsibilities our Navy, Army and Airforce men and women undertake as part of their Defence roles,” Ms Robertson said.

The DRSC is established to promote the benefits of Reserve service to employers and the community, and create an effective link between the community, industry, employers, Reservists, the ADF, and all levels of government. The DRSC strives to sustain and enhance the availability of the Reserve component of the ADF.

The morning was organised by CAPT Adam Fairhurst, QLD State Manager of Defence Reserves Support (DRS). The Organisation provides a link between the ADF, employers and the community by facilitating working relationships between Reservists and their employers.

Guests included a number of key Queensland Business leaders who support Defence Reservists and the work that DRSC does in the region. It was easy to see the respect these leaders have for the men and women of the Australian Defence Force.

Mr Tom Wiley, Executive Chairman, Wiley, was blown away by the sheer scale of HMAS Adelaide, the capabilities of the ship and its crew.

“It was such a privilege to tour HMAS Adelaide and see firsthand the depth and capability of the men and women who serve on the ship, the enormity of their responsibilities and commitment to their work was profound.”

“Many Australian businesses such as mine welcome reservists and recognise the benefits of the extensive training in specialised skills and leadership, not to mention the wonderful impact of their selflessness they bring to our company culture,” he said.

Commanding Officer, Captain Jonathan Ley, RAN, welcomed the group and explained the various missions the ship undertakes and the many roles the crew perform before detailing some of the recent ship movements as a part of Exercise SEA RAIDER.

The tour group, including a number of Medical Doctors, inspected the operating theatre and health capabilities on board. An impromptu, but thoroughly detailed brief, was given to guests by RAN reservist CAPT Paul Luckin. The morning finished off with a tour of the vehicle decks where guests could inspect the inside of an MRH-90, and see the tremendous amount of M113’s as part of the Army’s mechanised embarked force.

Brisbane employers on a private tour of HMAS Adelaide hosted by Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC)

HMAS Adelaide departs Brisbane to commence Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019.

HMAS Adelaide departs Brisbane to commence Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019

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Last update: Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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