Mining Equipment Company supports Reservist service

Army Reservist Private Luke Breese has highlighted the support his civilian employer has provided which has allowed him to join the community recovery efforts on Operation Bushfire Assist 2019-20.

PTE Breese is part of Response Team Alpha located in Bega Valley, NSW and his tasks have involved repairing fences and clearing debris following the bushfires.

“We are working closely with local communities to help them start with the recovery effort for such a disaster and through our actions have provided reassurance that these communities are not alone and haven’t been forgotten,” he said.

“It feels great to be out helping people who in some cases have lost everything including family members. Our team works very hard, and is very respectful, and hearing from the people we help that our work is helping restore some normality back to their lives is just awesome.”

Luke has paid tribute to his supportive employer Quarry Mining and Construction Equipment for their flexible working arrangements which has accessed to undertake Reserves duties.

“I’m an apprentice fitter and turner. The team at Quarry Mining are super supportive of my time away to help with the bushfires and I’m so grateful for the support that they offer me,” Luke said.

“Thank you to all my workmates at Quarry Mining for making the opportunity to help possible.” Deputy Head Reserve and Youth Division Head Brigadier Nicole Longley said Defence appreciated and thanked all employers for their support of ADF Reservists. Without the support of these Reservists this Operation would not be possible.

“Reservists are highly motivated people who take on training and service with enthusiasm and commitment,” BRIG Longley said.

“They offer a range of skills that can be transferred directly to your organisation including leadership, teamwork and problem solving.”

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Australian Army soldier Private Luke Breese of the 2nd/17th Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment, cuts up a fire-damaged tree at the dairy farm of Tim Salway, near Cobargo, New South Wales.

The Salways’ family properties were ravaged by a bushfire on New Years’ Eve 2019. Tim Salway’s father and brother were killed trying to defend the property and about 170 out of 350 cows were lost.

Soldiers worked at the property for two days assisting to clear roads and paddocks.


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Last update: Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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