Fourteen young men and women from across Australia participated in a Navy Aviation camp at HMAS Albatross 13-15 May, learning what it takes to pilot the Navy’s state of the art helicopters.

The Navy is looking for future leaders interested in an extraordinary career with opportunities to make important contributions to Australia, manage close knit teams and explore the world.

The Navy’s helicopters are critical to operations, delivering supplies, personnel, resources, and defensive capability.

The Defence Work Experience Program participants meet with members of the larger team behind Navy aviation capability, including experts in warfare, navigation and weapons systems, talented technicians, and engineers.

The group learned about sea survival, took flight in a simulator, and tested their physical capabilities with an overwater course and physical training.  

Year 12 student Matthew Bergquist, Gungahlin College, Canberra, said the camp helped him to explore his options and gain a better understanding of the breadth of Navy aviation roles.

Defence Force Recruiting Careers Coach, Corporal James Allchin said HMAS Albatross hosts six Defence Work Experience Program’s a year. These activities provide an opportunity for meaningful career discussions with participants, following first hand interactions with ADF members working in the roles they aspire to.

For more information on the Work Experience Program and how to apply, visit  

(Left to Right) Sophie Browning and Jak Howker get hands on experience with an Australian Defence Force helicopter during the Defence Work Experience Program at HMAS Albatross.

Imagery available at: Defence Image Gallery

Photo attributed to: Josh Brightman

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Last update: Tuesday, 18 June 2019

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