Reservist Profile August 2017

Reservist profile: LACW Sarah Yates

I am a Reserve Crew Attendant on the KC-30A with 33SQN. I have been a Reservist for about six months, since transferring from the Air Force Gap Year Program at the start of this year. I am currently studying engineering at QUT, in Brisbane, and I plan to specialise in medical engineering.

Sarah Yates IET Grad Photo
LACW Sarah Yates

I absolutely love being in the Reserves. I was really unsure of what to do at the end of my gap year – I had loved every minute of my gap year and I wasn’t ready to leave the Air Force. Being able to study and still fly with 33SQN has been the perfect balance for me, and I love that I get to experience two vastly different worlds at the same time. It is definitely an unusual combination, but I love the variety and excitement that I get to experience in my job, along with the everyday challenges of studying engineering.

The highlight of my time in the Reserves so far has definitely been the training. I just completed a Combat Survival Course up in Townsville, and while it was definitely a challenging course it was also an invaluable experience and one I won’t forget very soon! I have also really enjoyed all of the trips I have been able to go on this year. I love flying on the KC-30, and I have gotten to go to some pretty cool destinations and work with some very interesting people.

I would tell anyone considering joining the Reserves to just go for it. There is a really good sense of community between RAAF Reservists and you get to be a part of the big Air Force family while still getting to work or study in the civilian world. It’s the perfect part time job for a uni student and it definitely makes my life interesting!

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Last update: Monday, 16 October 2017

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