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Written by Cav. George Belperio
Fasta Pasta Founding Director

It is my belief that good things happen when opportunity meets preparedness. And in my business, preparation is everything, which is why I like Reservists. They bring a lot to an organisation, they’re highly motivated, highly trained and have excellent attitude and aptitude.

While I’ve seen these skills put to good use in the workplace, it was only when I went on an employer engagement activity that I got to see Reservists really get down to business, Frankly, I was totally blown away by how capable and competent the team was when the chips were down. Let me tell you, these people are there when our country needs them and I’d trust them with anything.

LTCOL (now COL) Douglas Laidlaw Deputy Commander of JTF631 presenting George Belperio with a Boss Lift East Timor tais in 2012.
LTCOL (now COL) Douglas Laidlaw Deputy Commander of JTF631 presenting George Belperio with a Boss Lift East Timor tais in 2012.

Reservists think on their feet often under intense pressure. Being proactive and planning for contingencies is an integral part of their continuous training.

Eight years ago I attended an Employer Challenge Day conducted by Defence Reserves Support. We participated in activities with Navy, Army and Air Force Reservists. Navy Reserve divers showed us the equipment and the dive boat they used to perform their roles. Air Force Reservists took us for drill and military vehicle driving and Army Reservists showcased weapons handling and the Defence Military Appreciation process. In one day Reservists from the three services and a diverse range of civilian careers impressed us with their skills and the tasks they perform in their Reserve roles.

Soon after, I joined the Defence Reserves Support Council as I wanted to help inform other organisations about the benefits of employing Reservists and to encourage my peers to support Australian Defence Force Reserves.

An Exercise Boss Lift to Timor Leste to observe the peacekeeping role our Reserve forces played increased my admiration for the work our Reservists provide and the important role their civilian employers play in enabling this to occur.

I understand the difficulties that can occur when you have to release a Reservist when your business is busy. But by employing a Reservist and releasing them for training, they return to your organisation with skills and attributes that make them a valuable employee. You may even be eligible to claim Employer Support Payments while your Reservist is away.

Today I am asking you to join over 400 organisations in South Australia who have pledged their support of Australian Defence Force Reservists by signing up to the Supportive Employer Program.

You don’t have to employ a Reservist to commit.

And if you get the opportunity – sign up to one of Defence Reserves Support’s Employer Engagement activities. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Contact Defence Reserves Support SA on 1800 803 485 or email for information.


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Last update: Thursday, 3 August 2017

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