Soldier Profile - Jun 2017

Army Reservist Makes History

Army Reservist and law student Tanya Russell (aka ‘Ranger Russell’) will make history in June this year, when she competes as part of Australia’s very first female gridiron team.

The 23-year old running back for the ‘Australian Outback’ gridiron team will compete against the best from USA, Canada, Mexico, Finland and Great Britain at the IFAF World Games in Vancouver, Canada.

Tanya has been in training to make the Australian team since February 2016, while continuing to study law, work as a personal trainer and participate actively as an infantry soldier in the Australian Army Reserve.

“The Army Reserve has strengthened my discipline and teamwork skills; these are fundamental to my success in sport, work and study,” she says.

Private Russell is excited about representing her country overseas and hopes that it encourages others to follow their dreams.

“I would love to be an ambassador for women in sport. It’s a privilege to mentor young women and inspire them to do something they’d never even dreamed,” she says.

Wearing jersey #21, Russell joined the Croydon Rangers in 2015 and has already racked up an impressive list of achievements, both in the sporting uniform and her military fatigues as she works towards her dream of becoming a full time commissioned officer and legal specialist in the Australian Army.

Lieutenant-Colonel Joshua Jardine, the Commanding Officer of Tanya’s military unit, the 5th/6th Battalion, the Royal Victoria Regiment says, “Tanya is a great role model. She embodies the physical stamina, teamwork and competitive spirit that we seek to promote in the Australian Defence Force and in our communities.”

Army Reservist and law student Tanya Russell (aka ‘Ranger Russell’)

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Last update: Thursday, 3 August 2017

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