Townsville Hospital and Health Service recognised at Employee Support Awards

Townsville Hospital and Health Service was recognised at the Queensland Employer Support Awards on 9 May 2019, at the Brisbane Convention Centre with Director of Medical Services, Dr Jon Hodge, formally accepted Defence Reserve Support Council – Queensland Employer of the Year Award, in the category of Public Service Organisations.

Dr Hodge said Townsville is a garrison city with the Townsville Hospital a neighbour to the Australia Defence Force’s Lavarack Barracks.

“Townsville is renowned as a garrison city, but its next biggest employer is health,” he said.

“Our two organisations have a long and proud history of partnership and it is fantastic to have that partnership recognised through this award.”

Dr Hodge said an example of the partnership between the organisations is a unique arrangement that has allowed a senior Townsville Hospital emergency specialist, Dr Ben Butson, to be available for short-warning medical deployments with the ADF.

“Emergency physician Lieutenant Colonel Dr Ben Butson is a full-time employee of the army while concurrently working on the floor of a public hospital,” Dr Hodge said.

“This has allowed Dr Butson’s skill and expertise in emergency medicine to be used to support the community of Townsville in emergencies coupled with the flexibility of service to his country when required by the ADF.

“We also work closely during disasters such as the recent floods, release defence reservists and assist in upskilling military health staff at the Townsville Hospital.”

Townsville Hospital and Health Service continues to welcome reservists, with a commitment to carry on the tradition, ensuring ongoing benefits for the ADF, the patients and the local health industry.

Australian Army officers, Lieutenant Colonel Ben Butson (left), an emergency specialist at Townsville Hospital and Health Centre, with Captain James Savage and Lieutenant Rachel Williams, conducting a chest scan of a casualty (role player) during a mass casualty scenario at the Role 2E hospital at Shoalwater Bay Training Area as part of Exercise Hamel 2018.

Photo attributed to: LSIS Jake Badior

Produced by: Ryan Groube, Townsville Hospital and Health Service


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Last update: Tuesday, 18 June 2019

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