VIP Challenge - Kapooka Mar 2017

Senior Executives Tackle Defence VIP Challenge

Participating in the Defence Reserves Support VIP Challenge has provided 14 senior executives from throughout Australia with a first-hand taste of life in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves.

The group of leading business people, senior public servants and community sector professionals gained a unique insight into military life during the Challenge, held last week at Blamey Barracks Kapooka in New South Wales.

The aim of the two day annual Challenge is to provide employers the opportunity to observe and experience the personal, technical and professional skills training Reservists receive as a member of the Navy, Army or Air Force Reserve.

Activities included leadership and survival skills training as well as team building exercises and physical challenges.

Deputy Head of Reserve and Youth Division Air Commodore Andrew Elfverson took part in the VIP Challenge and paid tribute to other participants.

"The VIP Challenge is an activity that exposes civilian senior level managers and employers to the training and military activities that their Reservist employees undertake when on Defence service," AIRCDRE Elfverson said.

"The fact that these busy people have taken time off from their civilian employment demonstrates their commitment to supporting Reservist employees"

Air Commodore Andrew Elfverson also said there was no doubt Australian business and industry stood to gain from employing and supporting Defence Reserves.

"Reserves acquire a wide range of skills, qualities and experience through their Defence training. These are qualities they take back to the workplace."

"Anyone who employs a Defence Reservist has a valuable member on their team. They have an employee whose training and service ethic drives performance and effectiveness in the workplace," he said.

Senior Executives Tackle Defence VIP Challenge



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Last update: Thursday, 3 August 2017

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